Welcome to the PERFECT HOUSE for LOCKDOWN.

One that satisfies all your needs, functions like a dream, and simplifies your life.

villa amalia premium

Have you asked yourself…

How have our housing preferences changed now that the relationship we have with our home has grown?

At GRUPO INSARA  we are worried about building sustainable and bioclimatic homes that convey to the user the pleasure of living in homes where well-being is breathed.

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We reveal the keys with which our architecture office SASTRE & SASTRE achieves the perfect house for lockdown:


* The first key is in the HOME  SIZE. Spending a lot of time in a confined space can alter emotions, and therefore affect coexistence. 25m2 per person, are considered enough for a balance between family unity and privacy.

* The feeling of SPACIOUSNESS makes the spaces breathe and naturally connect the interior with the exterior. That is why we design spacious living rooms with an integrated kitchen, visually and physically connected to the terrace and the garden.

* The importance of NATURAL LIGHT. The sun is not only a source of vital energy, but it is also essential to rise our mood. That is why living room and the kitchen are oriented to the SOUTH ensuring in this way the greatest number of NATURAL LIGHT hours.

* We value the existence of NATURE spaces at home. Leaving home and connecting with nature was easy. But now the simple thing is to guarantee it in our daily life at home with spaces that have the greatest amount of green life around us. The fact of having it makes the spaces breathe a natural and fresh air all year round.

* The SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION of the spaces must also be adequate to find the balance. That is why we value interior design with comfortable, practical and pleasant furniture.

* And finally, having common OUTDOOR spaces such as a solarium, porch, terraces and garden for physical activities and disconnection.

villa amalia premium

What are you wainting for?

Choose to live in wellness.