Merry Christmas Torrevieja

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We are already immersed in the Christmas season but in Spain Christmas really begins on December 22 with the Christmas Lottery draw.

It is a day where all Spaniards, and many foreigners, are watching the television, radio and internet excited thinking what to do when they are awarded.

With this important event, a few weeks of family gatherings, friends, trips, visits, meals, dinners and a lot of Christmas carols begin. They are weeks of spending more time with our families.


Soon the night of December 24 will arrive with Christmas Eve dinner. A night where all family members enjoy a table full of food that extends with carols and nougat. Many families increasingly choose to celebrate this dinner in restaurants with special menus so that no one has to worry about cooking. In Torrevieja there are multiple options in the center of the city and through the port area such as the El Pescador Restaurant, the Mesón de la Costa or Las Columnas Restaurant among many others. The next day, December 25, it is Christmas and how could it be otherwise we also celebrate it by eating with family or friends.

Many family activities are organized during the last week of the year as it is usually a typical holiday week.

All this to end with December 31, the great New Year’s Eve party. Everyone is partying, having dinner, at home, with family or friends, in nightclubs and party favors, it’s a night where Spain goes out. All this, taking into account that at 00.00 h the bells take place where tradition sends 12 grapes that will give you good luck in the next 12 months. In Torrevieja there is a great variety for more information click on the following link.

And so the new year always begins with the most important day for the little, and not so small, of the house, the day of the Magi. On January 5, the cavalcade of the kings is celebrated in all the cities where their majesties and their pages are received while they distribute candies to the attendees. During the morning of January 5 to 6, the Magi will leave toys and gifts in every house.  In this way, we enjoy Christmas celebrations and free time. So we begin with the illusion of the elders because the lottery touches them and we end with that of the children for the toys of the magi.

If you would like to come to Torrevieja, we have a villa rental service so that these days with family and friends are perfect in luxury accommodation.

From the Insara Group we wish you all a happy holiday season and that the year 2020 will be full of illusions. Merry Christmas!