Innovation and tourism in Torrevieja

When we say that Torrevieja is an ideal city to live, we not only say it because of its gastronomic, sporting, commercial offer and its beaches, but also because we always want to give our visitors the best of us.

The week of innovation


Therefore, this week starts a week of innovation for the tourism sector in our city. It is a very important bet due to the relevance of the sector in the economy not only of our area but of all of Spain.

Innovation is essential for us to continue advancing and evolving towards better services and higher quality. So that both citizens and visitors have the best tools and services that facilitate their stay and day to day.

This week of innovation will feature several activities and workshops organized by the City of Torrevieja, in collaboration with the university headquarters of the University of Alicante and AGAMED, with the aim that anyone interested in creativity, motivation and entrepreneurship, can participate in the activities that have been programmed based on a practical and transgressive approach.

They will begin with a conference on November 15 at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Center, “Emprende y innova en clave de rock”, by Salvador López Jiménez who will talk about entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity at the rhythm of rock. The next day, a practical workshop will be held by Antonio Martín Palacios, Doctor in Marketing and Strategic Business Management, Professor of the Department of Applied Economic Analysis of the UA and entrepreneur, “Create your own business project”.

Finally, on November 23 and 24, a Hackathon will be held to help improve a tourist destination through information technology. It is based on the participants having 32 hours in a row to develop new ideas, services or applications that help solve problems in the tourism field, satisfying existing needs, creating new communities, developing collaborations between public, private and third sector institutions, etc.

How to apply to Hackathon?
In the Insara Group we always bet on improving the lives of our clients and these events favor that the new neighbors of Torrevieja can enjoy the Mediterranean experience of our land. Without a doubt, innovation and tourism have to go hand in hand for the development of our region.