Enjoy the Mediterranean but from home.

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For a few days we have been in a situation of confinement in our homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our country. In Torrevieja, measures have been taken to ensure the needs of the residents and visitors who have had to stay in our city.

From Grupo Insara we want to encourage everyone to stay home and that with the help of good weather and the Mediterranean sun we stop this virus. We know that it is difficult not to go to the beach, to a terrace in the sun, … but soon we will be enjoying all the activities as normal.

How long have you been saying you have to finish reading a book? Or cook that dessert that you love so much? Or just get some rest watching your favorite series that you didn’t have time to finish? And have a glass of wine while you plan for the future with your partner or friends? It is a good time to take care of yourself and do what we had pending or wanted.

Take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves, rest and relax because the routine will return to our lives and we will remember the time we stay at home.

For any need, both the tourist office and the PANGEA agency have enabled telephone numbers for remote assistance since the offices are closed.

– Tourist Office: 965 70 34 33

– PANGEA Agency: 682 00 93 19 – 965 70 52 43

Meanwhile, keep calm. This will pass and we will all return to normal.

Enjoy the Mediterranean, its light, its temperature and its breeze but from home.