Costa Blanca, the south and the soul of Mediterranean.


Costa Blanca, the south and the soul of Mediterranean.


Have you ever think in a place close to the sea with smooth weather and great gastronomy? This is Torrevieja!


First of all, it is located next to Alicante airport with almost all european countries connections.
The weather is perfect to enjoy the place, around 15º in Winter and 30º in Summer. Could you think go for a walk in November under the sun?


The typical food is the paella and other ways to cook rice but also it is a very good place to have vegetables, fruits and seafood. Furthermore, it is well recognised for the great variety of local wines.


It is a perfect place to practice many sports not only water ones because there are different places to play golf, horse riding and trekking.


Costa Blanca has an amazing culture with across the castles and the archeology you can review the history of this area. There is an experience called “100 castillos de la Costa Blanca”.


If you are looking for a place to relax with good weather, good gastronomy, good beaches, good people and good culture, Torrevieja is your place!


In Grupo Insara believes in the potencial of our region for that reason we would like to help you to know better Costa Blanca with some experiences just for our clients. Contact us to get more information or visit our website www.grupoinsara.com


Enjoy Costa Blanca,
Enjoy the Mediterranean life.