5 Advantages of investing in a new property with Grupo Insara

These are the 5 reasons, that we believe will help you decide to buy a new home with Grupo Insara

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5.Advantages of investing in a new property with Grupo Insara

We all know how nice it is to buy something new. From a piece of clothing to a car.

And with a HOME that feeling is even better.

Your own home, with your choice of kitchen, tiles and decoration.

At GRUPO INSARA we specialize in helping you find the best propety to suit your needs.

Discover the advantages of investing with grupo insara

general plans

1.Ten- year guranteed

All new homes come with an insurance policy that covers you against possible structural defects.
For TEN years and minor guarantees in other aspects, such as installations or finishes.

2.Betther thermal and acoustic insulation

Since 2011 all must meet minimum insulation requirements, that make any new home superior.
In these respects to previously built homes.

3.Large terraces garden o solarium

All new projects have large outdoor spaces.
In the form of terraces, gardens and solarium on most of the upper floors.
These new builds allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor space.

3. Modern Style & mediterranean light

You will see that in our new projects:
Large windows predominate, which enjoy much more of the Mediterranean light.
Also our properties have a contemporary design, so your home will therefore gain more value compared to an older property.

4.Higher ROI ( Return on investment)

The modern style and better designed community areas, like  our new projects Mediterranean Gardens are much more popular with the rental market.

The greater demand for this type of house or apartment translates , into greater occupancy and therefore greater return on investment for you.

Design by SASTRE & SASTRE Arquitectura

5.The perfect Location

Located just 250 m2 from the sea, close to the main Hospital and 10 minutes from the Port and the city center.

It is also surrounded by  services and experiences that offers multiple leisure options and activities.

What are you wainting for?

Choose to live in wellness.